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Introducing the Home Run Derby Smashout

The Home Run Derby Smashout is a subsidiary competition of JAL modeled after professional boxing and the UFC. Here's how it works...

Match Rules

Round 1 — warm up: Each competitor gets 15 swings/strikes and 1 point for every home run.

Round 2 — time limit: Each competitor gets 1 minute to hit as many home runs as possible and gets 1 point for every home run. A competitors pitcher can only hold 1 ball at a time.

Round 3 — faceoff: Competitors alternate through 10 swing/strikes. During each of the 10 parts of the round, a competitor scores 1 point if they hit a home run and their opponent doesn’t.

Round 4 — moneyballs: Each competitor gets 1 swing/strike at a 2 point ball, 3 point ball and 5 point ball.

Round 5 — streak: Each competitor gets 3 swings/strikes to hit a home run. Once/if they do, the competitor gets to keep swinging until they either don’t hit a home run or take a strike.

After each round, the competitor with the lead decides if they will go first or second in the next round. If neither competitor is ahead, a coin flip will decide who goes first. If a competitor has a 10 point lead after any round, they win by way of knockout. If not, the competitor with the most points wins by way of decision. If both competitors are tied at the end of a match an overtime is played under Round 2 rules until someone wins.


There are no standings, however, competition history is kept and used to determine Title Matches and a champion. Title Matches are between the current champion and a contender deemed worthy enough by JAL officials to have a title shot. The current champion is obligated to compete in a Title Match when asked. The current champion can compete in non-Title Matches, but if they lose they will no longer be the champion. If there is no current champion, a Title Match will be between 2 contenders deemed worthy enough by JAL officials to have a title shot.

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