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Can Aaron Adams be Beaten in Smashout?

Aaron Adams won the Batting Crown last season and thus there has been significant hype around him for the JAL's new sub-league, the Home Run Derby Smashout. Last night Adams made his Smashout debut and looked untouchable.

In his first match he squared off against James Manthe who hit a Smashout record high 8/15 homers in round 1. Nonetheless, Adams still went on to KO Manthe in the fourth round with a 24-14 score. In Adams second match he squared off against Connor Vermilyea, who at the time was 1-0. Vermilyea played well and tallied 17 points in the match (4th highest all time), but still lost convincingly by way of decision to Adams with a final score of 25-17!

At 2-0, 1 KO and leaving little room to doubt his greatness, it looks as though Adams is the clear top contender in Smashout so far. Within the next month or 2 the league is planning to have the first Title Match to determine the 1st Smashout champion. If these type of performances keep up for the lefty all-star, expect him to be given a title shot and compete in that match.

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