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Opening Day Predictions: Scores, Headlines, MVP Race

Game Score Predictions

Rapids 10 - underdogs 4

The Rapids will not let the receiving of their Championship Plate Ceremony prior to the game distract them. Larson will pitch a great game until getting slightly bored in the late innings and allowing a couple extra lazy runs. The udogs will show a refreshing ability to compete, but simply be outmatched.

Express 5 - Wrecking Crew 6

Scott Coleman's 1st game as a Missouri Express will be SPOILED by his former team in a payback game for the ages. Rookie Ryan Littlefield will be more than the Express bats expected going in and will become an instant star.

Lawmen 8 - Cobras 10

In a disappointing season debut, the Lawmen will falter under the heavy exceptions that have been placed on them.

underdogs 8 - Wrecking Crew 7

Following the dramatic 1st game win over Missouri, the Wrecking Crew will not show the same level of energy in their next game and lose to a win-hungry bunch of underdogs.

Bambinos 12 - Cobras 4

Colton Titus will assert himself atop the MVP race in his 1st game of the season by completely dismantling the Cobras.

Wrecking Crew 5 - Rapids 8

Longview will regain everyone's attention by pushing the Rapids, but the defending champs will be in control from start to finish.

Express 13 - underdogs 5

Kyle Godinho will take the circle and get the Express back on track with an impressively dominate outing. Ubbelohde Hill will end the day feeling defeated at 1-2, but nonetheless, walk away from the day in the playoff mix.

Lawmen 5 - Bambinos 7

Shea Thomas will bounce back with a tremendous outing vs Colton Titus, but the Bambinos will score late to seal the deal.

Waves 6 - Rapids 12

Having played no preseason games, Adam Clark will be a bit rusty and the Rapids bats will expose it early on. Castle Rock will end the day 3-0 and leave no doubt they're still top dogs of the league.

Express 9 - Waves 3

Clark will pitch much better in the 2nd game of the Waves back-to-back and keep the game within striking distance until it eventually becomes to big of a margin in the late innings. Missouri will leave Opening Day with 1 painful loss but still no-less the dominate force they've been since JAL 12. West Coast will leave still winless but not paniced as their Opening Day schedule is as hard as it gets.

Bison 3 - Bambinos 11

Having already played 2 games and won both, the Bambinos will be red hot and throw the Bison's rookie stars a brutal "Welcome to the JAL" blowout party.

Storm 4 - Lawmen 12

Desperate for a win the Lawmen will take advantage of the Storm who will be without their best player Aaron Adams on Opening Day.

Bison 12 - Storm 7

Zachary Warren will settle in for the Bison and lead the franchise to it's first win since Opening Day of last season.

Opening Day Standings Predictions

National Conference

Rapids 3-0

Cobras 1-1

Bison 1-1

underdogs 1-2

Waves 0-2

Storm 0-2

American Conference

Cowlitz Bambinos 3-0

Missouri Express 2-1

Toutle Lynx 0-0

Green Mountain Sasquatches 0-0

Kansas Lawmen 1-2

Longview Wrecking Crew 1-2

MVP Race Top 10 Predictions

1. Colton Titus (Bambinos)

2. Jeter Larson (Rapids)

3. Kyle Godinho (Express)

4. Troy Flanagan (Rapids)

5. Connor Vemilyea (Cobras)

6. Ryan Littlefield (Wrecking Crew)

7. Josh Burckhardt (Express)

8. Trevor Goforth (underdogs)

9. Zachary Warren (Bison)

10. Shea Thomas (Lawmen)

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