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Five Great Individual Stats So Far

Each team except the Wrecking Crew have played two games so far this season. There's not a big enough sample size yet to get very excited about potential season-ending stat lines, but there's plenty to appreciate thus far. Here's a look at five (not ranked) of the most impressive individual numbers in the JAL 23 season to date..

Colton Titus (COW) - .692 Batting Avg.

This is certainly the easiest one making the list. Colton has 9 hits on 13 AB's, two of which are home runs and two others are triples. His work in the batter's box has been entirely against the Express so far, facing backup pitcher Connor Vermilyea and ace Kaden Sellards on Opening Day.

Jeter Larson (KAN) - .891 On-base Pct.

Sure Jeter is hitting .500, but that's 5 hits on 10 AB's. What's more impressive is his .891 OBP, especially considering one of his two games was against Lynx ace Tegan Connors. Getting on-base nearly 9 times out of 10 is invaluable in the JAL and it's kinda surprising that Jeter was seeing the ball so well in his team's first games despite having not been active for the Lawmen since JAL 21.

Nick Proudfit (KAN) - 11 Stops

Proudfit leads the league in fielding thus far with 11 stops.. Keep in mind Aaron Adams won the Fielding Crown last season with 13 combined fielding outs + stops. Of course we known hitting and fielding numbers are way up in JAL 23, but it's impressive to already be in the double figures nonetheless.

Brannan Meriwether (LV) - 4.00 ERA

Yes, I know Meriwether ended last season with a JAL record 1.00 ERA, but let's not lose sight of context! Teams are scoring 20.9 runs per games so far in JAL 23.. Last season that number was 12.5. His ERA at 4.00 is still better than anyone else by -2.88. Meriwether hasn't been great relative to HIS standards, but he's been significantly better than the field of competition — and that's notable whether you like it or not.

Dereck Anderson (WC) - 5 HR

Erik Titus lead the league in homers last season with 9 and Anderson is already over halfway to that mark. Yes, all five of his bombs came against the underdogs and Brock Johnson's pitching, BUT did anyone else on the Waves (or Fog) manage to exploit that weakness and rack up FIVE bombs for themselves on Opening Day? No. So let's give Anderson his due credit, even if it's a bit of a Mickey Mouse stat.


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