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New Schedule Process for JAL 24

The league is implementing a new process by which the season schedule will be carried out next season. Instead of using a pre-determined, fixed dates model for all regular season games and the playoffs gameday, games in JAL 24 will be scheduled "on-the-go" on a week-to-week, month-to-month basis.

The JAL 24 season is still planned to begin in early March, with the regular season ending in mid/late July and the playoffs gameday in early August. Using the new schedule process, matchup dates will be privately coordinated between the teams and league administration and then announced anywhere between 1-7 days in advance of plans being finalized. Back in JAL 20 the league used this scheduling model to successfully complete the second half of the season (spring 2020) after it was disrupted by Covid.

By adopting this process for the entire JAL 24 season league officials expect the following benefits:

  • Each team will be more capable of ensuring their star player(s) won't miss games.

  • Finalizing matchups 1-7 days in advance can help ensure poor weather conditions are avoided (if desired by the teams).

  • As the season progresses and the playoff race develops, key matchups can be strategically planned to occur near or at the end of the regular season to build anticipation.


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