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Preseason Team Snapshots: Kansas Lawmen


Austin Ryan (Owner)

Ryley Larson (GM)

Depth Charts

Lineup (S = Constant Starter)

1. Ryley Larson

2. Carter Llyod

3. Nickolas Proudfit

4. Jorden Newkirk

5. Kai Chaney


1. Nickolas Proudfit

2. Ryley Larson?

3. Jorden Newkirk


1. Carter Llyod

2. Nickolas Proudfit

3. Ryley Larson

4. Kai Chaney


Ryley Larson, with his one career All-Star selection back in JAL 19, is the only player that poses any sort of a threat to opponents — but unfortunately for the Lawmen he's once again likely to miss games this season and is not a pitcher. Near the end of last season the team brought in two rookies, Carter Llyod and Jorden Newkirk, plus this offseason they signed rookie Kai Chaney. Llyod shined as a fielder making several great stops and catches and both he and Newkirk had a few nice hits offensively. Llyod (a lefty) has a solid swing, good eye and could certainly develop into a quality hitter with more experience. Due to how low expectations for this team are, there is plenty of opportunity to experiment at pitcher with new players — however, management has done a lack-luster job of acquiring new potential talent at that position. Neither Llyod, Newkirk or Chaney are pitchers or have much potential to be, so Kansas still needs to sign at least one new player they can test a pitcher for the future. A final strength is that although Ryley Larson missed all of last season and has only played in a couple games each of the last couple seasons prior to that, he is reportedly going to be more available for the team in JAL 24.. Possibly able to be active for an estimated 3-5 games?


So many.. Where to begin? First we'll start with the obvious hole at pitcher. Nickolas Proudfit is the placeholder ace until the team brings in someone new to test, but he's backup material. Ryley Larson has pitched in limited action in the past, but is also backup material. Jorden Newkirk pitched a couple games last season, but only because the team had no other options. Offensively there's some room for growth with the three young players, but one of them would need to have a very surprising HUGE breakout season in order for the lineup to be boosting enough runs to make up for the amount they're going to give up defensively. Additionally, Llyod is now attending college in Arizona and likely to miss games early in the season. A final concern to mention is that young players and especially new pitchers, develop best when there's a leader figure with experience on the field with them, but the Lawmen don't have that. Ryley Larson could (and should) embrace that role when he's there, but when absent the team is left trying to compete and improve as individual players with no guidance.


Batting: D+

Pitching: D-

Fielding: A-

Roster Sturdiness: D+

Overall: D-

Plan (probably)

Sign as many new rookie pitchers that might have some potential to explore and give them as many opportunities to see what they can do as possible. In the event that farm roster pitchers from the past such as Shea Thomas or Kristian Knight are active for a game or two, management should not waste time having them pitch unless no other new pitchers are showing signs of potential. No significant strides can take place for the Lawmen UNTIL a new pitcher (ideally a rookie) is brought in and begins to develop. If GM Ryley Larson does not succeed in at least finding a new arm the franchise can feel optimistic about by season's end, owner of the team Austin Ryan would probably benefit to get himself a new GM.


Sasquatches x2

Express x2



Wrecking Crew


Projected Wins



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